Accelerate Tax

ERTC Partnership Program

Who We Are

Accelerate Tax specializes in the ERTC and is made up of experienced experts, accountants, and CPAs with over 100 years of shared experience. 

Our core business is helping SMBs get the refund for which they qualify. Our practices are ethical and “by the book” while handling all of the heavy lifting on behalf of the business owner, including the filing of the tax credit.

Why Choose Us

Best in Class Service

We are committed to providing amazing customer service to each and every SMB we work with. Our partners’ customer referrals receive white-glove treatement.

Expertise and Accuracy

We have industry leading acceptance rates and pride ourselves on our high level of diligence and validity of each file.

Great Economics

Our revenue share is paid out after the file is mailed to the IRS. You don’t need to wait months to receive it like other ERC processors.

Partner Types

Referral Partner

What you Get:


Marketing Partner


What you Get: